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Based at Tenterfield, on the Northern Tablelands in NSW, we are in the process of building up our numbers of high quality stud animals.

We had bred fine wool merinos and "traditional" prime lambs for a number of years. After deciding to go out of the fine wool merinos due to low returns due to increasing input costs we decided to purchase a dorper ram to put over our crossbred ewes.

After seeing the growth rates and carcase quality of the dorper cross lambs the decision was made to purchase some stud rams and ewes.

We started in 2006 with the purchase of stud ewes from Old Munbilla and Newstead Dorpers. A couple of rams were purchased from Amarula Dorpers in early 2007.

In 2008, Amarula 061159 and Bellevue 070827, were added to bring further improvements in conformation, size and shedding.

Kaya 060089, a type 5 Ewe, was purchased for the top price from Newstead Dorpers inaugural on-property sale. She brings exceptional conformation, colour and pigment into the stud. Two other ewes (a type 5 and a type 4) were also purchased at the sale. A top ewe was also purchased from Amarula - they were mated to Bellevue 070827 to lamb in early 2009

In 2012 we purchased an outstanding Type 5 conformation 5 ram - Bellevue 110233 for $4400. Followed up with another Type 5 sire - Bellevue 100183 and a number of type 5 ewes to continue improving our stock.