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Tracker Gillette

(Riana Glide x Tracker Clancy)


Clan Busy

(Clan Sal's Nugget x Clan Mirrabelle)


Gillette (Jilly) has an outstanding work ethic. Classy worker with loads of strenght. Jilly dominates the stock she is working but plays the fair game by giving desired releif also. You can see her play with her stocks minds. Has the nack of seeing a problem before and fixing it before it becomes a problem.

We currently have a litter out of Jilly by Neon which are still only young. They are nice bold, calm pups and we have high expectations for them.


A classy little bitch with loads of cover, style and footwork. She has the knack of being in the right place at the right time. Used to muster sheep and cattle. Will bite nose on cattle if needed. Outstanding mustering dog on wild stock.

Pedigree of Tracker Gillette


Pedigree of Clan Busy