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Here at Eventine Working Kelpie Stud, we aim to breed Kelpies with a main emphasis on temperament. They must be friendly, easy handling that want to please their owner. They must show a strong natural ability to work stock and have natural correct positioning on their stock with the ability to hold that position. It is no good to us if a dog can't get to the correct position on their stock and then don't have the "strength" (not a force strength but a mental one) to trust themselves to hold that position. A lot of dogs are "to worried" about what is going on elsewhere and leave that position on the mob just to "check out" the other side of the mob incase there is something going on. Every move they make must have purpose to it. The smart dogs will work out their stock and will be happy to hold their position on that particular mob and will "track" with their stock without the need to be running around the mob constantly with no purpose, thus conserving their energy for the times when they need it.


All of our dogs & pups are registered with the Working Kelpie Council of Australia.

We recommend people to attend a "Stock Handling With and Without Dogs Clinic" run by Sean Barrett and David Hart. These clinics are invaluable in gaining the greatest potential from your dogs.

Sean's Site : Blackdog Livestock Education

Davids Blog : Fair Dinkum Kelpie








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